Monic Fly Lines

PVC Free Eco-Friendly Fly Lines and Clear Fly Lines from USA

Monic Fly Lines provide anglers with a PVC-FREE alternative to other fly lines. Longer, more accurate casts are easily achieved through our patented coating technologies and time-tested, perfected tapers. With Monic Fly Lines, you can be confident that our products will give you the best shot to reach your goal whether it’s more fish or bigger fish. Or both!

For the past 24 years, Monic has been innovating and developing new ways to improve fly line performance and decrease fly line impact on the environment. No matter if your fishing high pressure locations that demand precise presentations, or under clear skies and bright sun, Monic fly lines continue to be the best on the market.


The coatings on Monic Fly Lines do not contain the volatile chemicals that must be added to PVC in order to create a typical fly line. This shift in technology is important to maintain the durability of the line. Previously, these added chemicals would constantly leach out into the environment. For the same reason we stay away from PVC water bottles, food containers or baby toys, PVC emits poison. As those chemicals migrate out of the plastic, a void is created in the compound. Not only does this alter the compound from its initial, intended characteristics, but that void forces the compound to crack over time. This is where the circumferential cracks on a PVC fly line are born. Add dirt, oil, and other foreign debris to the cracks and performance degrades. Monic Fly Lines do not lose material over time, and therefore do not crack. This is important in the overall durability of the line and its performance longevity for the angler.


The design and materials that make up Monic Fly Lines range from lighter than water compounds to low density hollow cores and coatings that float. The buoyancy of all Monic Fly Lines is unparalleled at assisting in line management and keeping the fly where it needs to be so you spend more time fishing and less time with your line in the air.


When PVC plastics were introduced, they were hailed as the “super plastic.” Strong, durable, and weather resistant. Plastics that would last forever. And they do. So why not use PVC based fly line? Unfortunately, PVC’s production, use, and disposal create more cancer-causing and toxic chemicals than any other plastic on earth. We can’t have this in our waters.

Monic fly lines do not require the use of any harmful chemicals. Every compound that comes together to make a Monic line is 100 percent recyclable.
And because we don’t use PVC, the coatings on Monic Fly Lines do not contain the volatile and harmful chemicals that must be added to PVC in order to create a typical fly line. Monic Fly Lines knows that there’s an indispensable and crucial connection between a healthy habitat and better fishing, so one of our founding principles is to create and deliver the best performing fly lines available that also help protect our waters for future generations of anglers.

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Ultra-Sensitive & Delicate Fly Line Precision Dry Skyline
  • 4 Types de ligne
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74,95 CHF 74.95 CHF
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Ultra-Sensitive Fly Line Skyline PLUS
  • 10 Types de ligne
Not available
84,95 CHF 84.95 CHF
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Double Taper Floating Line MDT
Soie mouche flottante double fuseau Monic MDT
  • 5 Types de ligne
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90,85 CHF 90.85 CHF
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GSP Floating Shooting Line
  • 3 Größe
Not available
63,25 CHF 63.25 CHF
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Icicle Floating Fly Line
  • 9 Types de ligne
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94,95 CHF 94.95 CHF