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You are here:HomeArticlesBuilding of a custom fly fishing rodLift for apply varnish onto blanks

Lift for apply varnish onto blanks

It is very difficult or impossible to obtain a thin layer evenly distributed on the blank with a brush and a drying bench.

To varnish our blank, we need a system which will distribute the varnish evenly on our blank, a kind of varnish elevator.

It consists of a vertical axis on which a container for the varnish can slide vertically and a second parallel axis to maintain the blank in place. It also requires a small stepper motor or other allowing the container to slide vertically along the axis.

The container consists of a cap in which we put a piece of latex glove drilled with a small hole. This container will hold the varnish on the blank sliding down faster or slower down. Then the varnish will be deposited uniformly along the blank. The more rapidly the container will move down, the more the coating layer applied on the blank will be thick and vice versa. For a thin layer of varnish, it is necessary to lower the container to about 10 cm / minute.

Our elevator is 1m50 high to allow the opening of a standard 2-pieces rod up to 2m80.


Reference stepper motor kit:

Kit motor control stepper BIG STEP (in

Reference of the belt and sprockets:

Toothed belt BRECO T5 (Angst + Pfister) 21 T5 gear (Angst + Pfister)

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