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Brand  :  Cutthroat Leaders

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Ultimate Dry Fly Leader

50" (127cm)

This Leader was developed after a weeklong trip fishing a 3 wt rod on a small brush covered creek. They realized that having a shorter leader for the 3 or 4 wt rods would be very beneficial. These short Rod Dry Fly Leaders offer the same dry fly fishing qualities of our longer leaders, but in a shorter version. These leaders have become a favorite among our many Bamboo enthusiasts. If you fish bamboo or a rod beneath 7′-6″ in length, you should give one of these leaders a try. The “Shorty” as we call it, comes in camo color.

They also have a large following of Western Fly fishers that chase the Caddis hatch. During this hatch, frequent short cast’s to rising trout is the name of the game. Some of the more famous Montana shop guides call this leader the Caddis smasher.

68″ (172,7cm) Multi-Purpose Furled Leader

This is leader matches well with 8′-6″ – 9′-0″ rods.  Even when fishing a longer rod, this leader is great for throwing larger dries and droppers. The slightly shorter leader will be perfect for delivering your larger / heavier flies where and how you want.

The ” 68″ Multi-Use” Fly Leader: Is required if you find yourself fishing dry flies one moment and then switching a Dry Fly / dropper set-up or a multiple wet fly set-up. These leaders are 68″ in length.  The leader has a knotless taper.  You can pull these leaders through your hands and never feel the joints from one section to the next. These leaders provide an amazing presentation of a fly. They simply have to be tried, words do not explain. These leaders have No Memory; therefore they create a much more natural drift compared to other leader materials. Wind knot issues will be decreased, presentation will be enhanced and the built in stretch allows you to land larger fish on smaller tippet. They create casts with no over-spray and they deliver the fly perfectly. Because these leaders are slightly shorter than our “Ultimate Dry Fly Leader”, this leader will turn multiple fly rigs more easily. Your casting and presentation will improve. Basic leader design is such that the longer the leader, the better the presentation, but you lose the ability to turn over heavy fly setups. So if you throw larger / heavier flies or tend to throw a large dry and a dropper, this leader may be your best choice.

Keep in mind this is a dry fly leader. The leader is designed to be fished with 5x, 6x or 7x tippet. If you want to throw large dry flies like salmon flies, terrestrials, etc, you can order a leader once size up. Meaning if throwing large flies with a 5wt rod, you can order our 7/8 wt leader and throw huge bugs all day with no issue. The 7/8 wt leader is stronger than the 4-5-6 leader.

76″ (193cm) Ultimate Dry Fly Leader

The perfect leader for casting to pressured/ spooky fish.  Whether you are throwing small size 24’s dry flies, or a large hopper / dropper, this leader will quickly become one of your favorites.

This leader is a must for enhancing your dry fly presentations. These Leaders will turn 4-7′ of your favorite tippet and drop your dry with the most gentle of lay-downs. Imagine the drag-free drifts one gets with that much tippet. I currently offer these Thread Furled Leaders in 0-3 wt. , 4-5-6 wt., and 7-8 wt as these are the most common trout lines.

Many fishers have landed huge fish on the 5-6 leaders using 7X tippet.  (tie 4′-0″ of 5x to the leader, then 18″ of 6x or 7x)  The Leaders ability to provide durability, strength and stretch will surprise even the most seasoned angler. We tell fly fishers to start with 4′-0″ of straight line tippet. You can increase this length depending on your casting ability, wind, fly size, etc. Simply put, the most amazing trout dry fly leader money can buy.

Those leaders are offered with two different tippet ends. The small micro ring which is 2mm in diameter (so small they float on the end of the leader) or the shorb loop. This is a loop woven into the leader. This option slightly increases the breaking strength of the leader. If you choose the loop option, you must know how to tie a perfection knot or loop in your tippet and connect via the loop to loop method.

To keep these leaders floating all day, you must apply floatant to the a dry leader (before fishing). See our selection of floatants.

Leader & Tippet size:

Dry Fly Leader size 0-3 wt & 4-5-6 wt can handle 5x, 6x & 7x Tippet
Dry Fly Leader size 7-8 wt. can handle 3x, 4x, & 5x