Floating /Indicator BIG Bug Leader “Neutrally buoyant”

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Brand  :  Cutthroat Leaders
Length  :  50'' (127cm)
Tippet End  :  Loop

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50″ (127cm) Big Bug Nylon Furled Leader for turning heavier flies with ease.

These leaders were developed for throwing large bass bugs, Pike flies and “Big” Streamers…. These leaders are great with “Thing-a-ma-Bobber” indicators. The leader will not kink like typical tapered mono leaders, so no more worries when moving your indicator.

These leaders come with loops only. We also package these leaders with thing-a-ma-bobber indicators. This makes a great system for fishing deep pools.

These leaders are great for chasing Bass, Redfish, Pike, Musky, pan-fish, trout and more.