Hi-Vis Nymph Leader

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Brand  :  Cutthroat Leaders
Length  :  50'' (127cm)

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This is the #1 Nymphing leader sold.  From guides to shop owners, to regular Joe’s, this leader is a favorite.

Hi-Vis 50″ Nymphing Leaders:  Are created with a brightly colored (Orange or Chartreuse)  Butt Section.  This section is treated with Floatant.  This creates an 18″ long “Strike Indicator”.  You will be able to detect very subtle strike that have previously gone un-noticed. Use either our “otter butter” floatant or our Cutthroat Leader Floatant to make the Hi-Vis section float properly.

We offer these leaders with two different tippet ends. The small micro ring which is 2mm in diameter (so small they float on the end of the leader) or the shorb loop. This is a loop woven into the leader. This option slightly increases the breaking strength of the leader. If you choose the loop option, you must know how to tie a perfection knot or loop in your tippet and connect via the loop to loop method.

To keep the butt section / indicator floating all day, you must apply floatant to the colored section (before fishing). See our selection of floatants.

Leader & Tippet size:

Hi-Vis Nymph Leader 3-4-5 wt can handle 4x, 5x, 6x  Tippet
Hi-Vis Nymph Leader 6-7-8 wt can handle 3x, 4x, 5x, Tippet